Blue Wave Concert Series

Mueller Rapid Response Protest 5pm Thursday, November 8th @ Vermont Statehouse!

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The Blue Wave Concert Series was a HUGE success! Combined we raised over $10,000 to support Blue Wave candidates in New England!

Many thanks to the HUNDREDS of attendees as well as to the dozens of volunteers and musicians who donated their time to make these events successful.

Special thanks to our event sponsors, including: Susan Ritz, Marilyn & Larry Bush, Iris Wechling & Richard Maizell, Colleen Bloom, Susan Ritz (again!) & Lyn Blackwell!

Finally, we owe a special thank you to Barbara Butler, Richard Maizell and Iris Wechling for offering their beautiful homes to host these wonderful concerts

In the months leading up to the incredibly important November 2018 mid-term elections, Indivisible Calais is hosting a Blue Wave Concert Series to help turn Congress Blue!

Donations went to Lean Left VT Victory Fund to support Democratic and Progressive candidates in Maine, New Hampshire, & New York

Thank you to everyone who has supported the first four Blue Wave Concerts to Win Back Congress and Flip Seats Blue. Here are our results to date:

  • $3300 with Susannah Blachly and Patti Casey
  • $1500 with Rik Barron and Borealis Guitar Duo
  • $2100 with Lewis and Joe Franco, the Brown Eyed Girls, and the Sirens
  • $1675 with Richard Colombo and The Laddies
  • Still Tabulating, but over $1500

What’s even more remarkable is that these concerts were about much more than just music and money.  Each of them brought us wonderful evenings of community and fellowship, bringing new people into our circle of activism, hard work, support of justice and democracy, and love for one another. 

The past two months and this series of concerts were a very meaningful time for all of us involved.

Indivisible Calais is a group of concerned citizens committed to organizing and supporting local, state, and national actions to defend and preserve social justice, the environment, and America’s Constitutional rights and liberties. We engage in a variety of educational, activist, and fundraising activities while keeping our discourse civil. Neither Calais residency nor prior activism is needed to join this vibrant community of peaceful resisters.

We formed the week after the 2016 presidential election with the express purpose of coming together as a community to resist the dangerous agenda of the Trump Administration. We soon joined the Indivisible Movement and have been very busy attending rallies, making phone calls for progressive candidates, organizing fundraisers for progressive causes, building community, and writing post cards!

Fundraisers:  Every few weeks we host a fundraiser to raise money to support progressive candidates or organizations we feel needs our support.

Postcard Project: Once every month or two we gather to send postcards of gratitude to groups, individuals, reporters, members of Congress, or others who have shown particular courage and integrity in their resistance to the Trump Agenda.

Rallies and Protests:  We both as a group and as individuals attend as many rallies and protests as we can, not only regularly here in Vermont, but also often traveling to New York City or Washington DC for large protests.